We’ve recently launched our Learning centre, the new home of learning on our website. The Learning centre provides access to an online catalogue of learning resources, tailored for members based on their subscriptions. It also provides a space for members to record how they’re keeping skills and knowledge up to date in an online CPD planning and logging tool. 

Following the successful initial launch, we’re moving into a process of ongoing developments and updates with the aim of ensuring the features within the system continue to meet member needs. 

We value member feedback and aim to listen to our members to ensure that the Learning centre is responsive to member requirements. 

We’re looking for volunteers to assist us in our development scoping process, to help inform our Learning centre development roadmap. 

Time commitment

We ask that group members commit to attending at least the first two focus group sessions: 

  • the first meeting will be from 1.30pm to 2.45pm on Thursday 11 November 2021
  • the second meeting will be three to five months later between February and April 2022
  • meetings will then take place every four to six months 

For the second meeting and all subsequent meetings, a Doodle Poll will be circulated to capture the availability of group members. The most commonly selected date will become the date for the meeting, ensuring the majority of people can attend. 

General responsibilities

The group will be responsible for providing feedback and comments on the functionality of the Learning centre specifically. Whilst feedback on the content included in the Learning centre will be welcomed, this will not be the main priority of the group. 

For the initial meeting, you'll be asked to: 

  • access the existing Learning centre functionality before attending the meeting, make notes on your feedback and be ready to share this with the group
  • contribute your views, opinions and reflections on the existing Learning centre functionality
  • provide feedback on any additional functionality you would like to see
  • provide feedback on the existing BACP Learning centre development requirements list (presented to you during the focus group) to ensure that already scoped developments would meet member needs
  • feedback on your experience of using other similar systems to access learning or track your CPD (perhaps with other organisations or during training) 

On an ongoing basis, you'll be asked to: 

  • attend focus group meetings every four to six months to provide feedback on system developments that have launched during that time period and assist with prioritising upcoming developments 
  • periodically provide ad-hoc feedback using email or a survey form for new functionality as it's developed and launched, if the BACP team determine that they need specific feedback in between meetings 
  • have a reliable and quick internet connection with access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to join the meetings remotely

Skills and abilities

You should have:

  • the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully in a group setting, listening to other’s feedback and contributing to discussion in a constructive way 
  • a willingness to devote time and effort to providing feedback 
  • the ability to give detailed, constructive and where necessary critical feedback on the functionality of the Learning centre
  • a willingness to adhere to the seven Nolan principles of public office: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership

We ask that you consider whether you have enough confidence in your technical skills to feel comfortable navigating the Learning centre and providing your feedback on the system. 

We’re looking for representation across our membership and aim to ensure that all members, with varying technical abilities, feel confident using the Learning centre system. 

If you feel less confident with technology but would like to take part in the focus group, please don’t consider this as a barrier to applying for the role, instead we ask that you let us know your level of technical skill when applying and why you're interested in contributing to the development of the Learning centre.  


There is no remuneration attached to this role, however, reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the volunteering role will be reimbursed in line with BACP’s Volunteers Expenses Policy. 

To apply

For more information or to apply for this role, please send your CV and a letter of interest to volunteers@bacp.co.uk.All applications are warmly welcomed.