In this presentation, Jo looks at the differences between working online and face-to-face, considering the advantages and the pitfalls.

Presenter profile

Jo Ames, an accredited member of BACP, has worked in the youth voluntary sector, CAMHS, privately and within two universities. She is Chair of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) and is employed by the University of Birmingham as their Online Counsellor Lead. Jo is currently undertaking online counselling research as part of her Doctorate at the Metanoia Institute. She is passionate about increasing accessibility to professional counselling services and has over 13 years' experience of working online, developing and providing services for adults, young people and students.

Ames, J M (2014) 'Get the Message' BACP University and College Counselling September 2014 ed pp 10-13 
Ames, J M (2015) In - Mair, D (2015) Short-Term Counselling in Higher Education. Theory and Practice. 'Counselling Online in HE: Opportunities & Challenges' Routledge. London.

Questions for Jo

Question one

Is a Facebook profile acceptable for private practice?

Question two

If you have an unusual name and you have different things already posted on the internet do you need to use another name or profile for private practice?

Question three

How would I manage a personal and professional Facebook account using the same name for private practice? 

Question four

How do I set up an online contract with my clients? 

Check your understanding

A summary  of the issues discussed during Jo's presentation and references for further reading are included in the check your understanding video. You may play, pause the video and scroll backwards if you need to view sections again. You can also view in full screen mode using the tools on the video toolbar.

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