Mamood Ahmad aims to help therapists integrate difference, diversity, and inclusion within self and practice using an anti-discrimination practice lens.

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Working with difference, diversity & inclusion using anti-oppressive practice foundations (DD&A)

Mahmood introduces core anti-oppressive practice concepts and why it is vital for working with difference, diversity & inclusion work.

Part one Q&A with Mamood

Race and Culture: Understanding racial-cultural identity and worldviews (Self and Clients)

This session will help you begin reflecting on your own racial-cultural context, racial-cultural identity and attitudes towards the social construct of race.

Part two Q&A with Mamood

Role play demonstration video

Race and Culture & Antidiscrimination practice: Why it's essential and what you can do to become core competent

The final session will then ask why core competence is essential and what it takes to be core competent while acknowledging the continuous process of learning. The core competence framework
developed under the anti-discrimination foundation (#TADF) collaboration will be introduced to help situate your learning (See


Download handout for working with difference, diversity & inclusion using anti-oppressive practice foundations (DD&A).

About the PDD

The purpose of these sessions is to widen your knowledge, awareness, and skills in embedding difference and diversity ‘as standard’ for all clients.

DD&A considers the social context, social identities, ecological systems, structural disadvantage, otherness, marginalisation, and empowerment aspects in relation to client problems (psycho-social-structural), especially for clients who occupy diverse intersectional identities including gender, sexuality, trans, race, culture, disability, neurodivergence, religion, nationality, and class.

The first session will introduce core anti-oppressive practice concepts and why it is vital for working with difference, diversity & inclusion work. The second session will help you begin integrating these ideas into therapeutic practice including conceptualising clients’ difficulties. The third session will then reflect on principles of practice, therapeutic pitfalls, and help you develop an ecological awareness of practice in developing a just and inclusive practice. A session role-play video will be used to reflect on learnings. The core curriculum transformation service for training providers developed under the anti-discrimination focus (#TADF) collaboration will be introduced to help situate professional transformation (See

About the presenter

Mamood Ahmad is a therapist, author, trainer and founder of the Anti-discrimination foundation (TADF). He has extensive experience of client advocacy, client perspectives of therapy, intersectional and racial-cultural client work, diversity standards, research, and race-based group work. He specialises in developing standards for training in diversity, intersectionality, and antidiscrimination practice. He holds a private practice in Binfield, Berkshire since 2014. Email: Twitter: @ahmad_mamood. Web:


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