BACP Private Practice Conference - Loss: what does life mean for me now? - 29 September 2018 


Julia Samuel - Is there a hierarchy in grief?

Jonny Benjamin - The Journey to Hope, Recovery and Beyond


Andy Williams - Learning for all: The death of a young man in Private Practice

Silva Neves - Secret and Death

Michael O'Rourke - Working with end of life clients

Diane Aronson - Who am I - The loss of the sense of self following brain injury

Paula Hall - The cost of sex and porn addiction

John Wilson - Therapy for grief resolution: accepted theories and new developments

Josephine Naylor - Losing my baby, losing a part of myself

Andy Langford - Self-care in the context of death 


An evening with Emmy van Deurzen - 13 March 2019

Emmy van Deurzen - To be or not to be: an existential journey


Working in supervision with the impact of trauma in a healthcare setting - 19 March 2019

Anne Embury 

Lee-Anne Brooke and Andy Malone

Anne Smith

Elise Marshall

Stephen Queen

Elaine Davies



Making Connections Norwich 

Laura Joanknecht

Libby Watson

Jo Pybis