Making Connections, Glasgow - 3 July 2019

Mia Zielinska - In search of connection: past, present and future

Jamie Smith - Working with suicidal risk

Gemma Ryan - Making research work for you

Gemma Fay & Katie Flavell - Introduction to the new Conduct Procedure

Andrew Smith - Helping children recover

Working with mental health in the workplace, Leeds - 20 June 2019

Sharon McCormick - Confidentiality disclosure agreement

Sharon McCormick - Contract service agreement

Sharon McCormick - Working with local businesses

Helen Jones - Toxic workplaces

Noreen Tehrani - Becoming an organisational trauma counselling specialist

Nicola Neath - To be met as a person at work 

Julie Hughes and David Leckie - Getting down to business

An evening with Emmy van Deurzen, London - 13 March 2019

Emmy van Deurzen - To be or not to be: an existential journey