Call for participants for a research project as part of a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Salford.

A qualitative exploration of counsellor’s experience and perspectives of working with black women who have lived experience of intergenerational trauma.

I am interested in exploring the counsellors experience of working with black women who acknowledge living with intergenerational trauma. Research examining the impact of intergenerational trauma with black women is sparse, but does exist (Jacobs & Davis,2017; Buonagurio, 2020). However, there is a significant lack of literature examining the counsellors/therapist experience of working with this collective group.

The project aims to offer an insight into the counsellors’ perspectives around the impact and healing process of intergenerational trauma to empathically generate change and increase awareness and knowledge for professionals.

I am seeking to recruit participants who meet the following criteria;

Qualified Counsellors

At least 3 years' experience,

Experience of counselling black women (specifically women from Africa and the Caribbean) who acknowledge intergenerational trauma.

The project will use semi-structured interviews, which will take place remotely, lasting approximately one hour. Interviews will be recorded, transcribed, and analysed using thematic analysis.

Please get in touch if you meet the participant criteria or please share with others who may be interested in taking part.

For further information please contact me at:

Alternatively my research supervisor, also at the University of Salford, can be contacted at

Thank you.