Calling student therapists in the final year of their studies and recently qualified therapists to participate in research on their experience of ‘good’ supervision. 

Would you like to participate in qualitative research and explore what ‘good’ supervision means to you? The study aims to find out what the experience was like for you and what it has meant to you in terms of personal and professional development from the phenomenological perspective.

To be the participant you need to have at least six months of experience of individual supervision and be in the final year of your counselling degree or have qualified in the last three months.

The research involves those who are in the final year of the counselling degree or who have just completed their studies because it is an important life transition and they are in a unique position to give a ‘birds-eye view’ of their experience and what it has meant to them in their journey to become a therapist.

I am completing a masters’ degree in therapeutic counselling and this project will be written as a dissertation. I will ask you to take part in an interview which should last about an hour. The interview will take place online (Zoom).

The research has been approved by the University of Greenwich ethics committee.

Contact: Anjelika Rimkoute