Have you ever been bullied in a counselling setting while working as a professional counsellor? Perhaps taking part in this study may interest you.

I am a counselling student in my third year at the University of East London, conducting research into bullying in the counselling workplace. I am seeking counsellors who were bullied by counselling colleagues and were working as professional counsellors at the time of the experience. Most importantly, participants must feel they are equipped to engage with the topic in a way that will not upset their mental stability. Participation will involve a 60-minute semi-structured interview, which will take place face-to-face at the University of East London or via a telephone conference call platform, depending on which is most suitable. 

I hope this research may provide a voice for counsellors’ experiences to be heard and create awareness of the extent to which bullying occurs in the counselling field along with its implications. Therefore, I anticipate your participation will be invaluable to our field and ultimately the well being of society and our clients.

If you are interested, I can provide an invitation letter that details further information about participation and the study. I can be reached at u1614604@uel.ac.uk.

Thank you,

Beatriz Cadavid