At the British Library we are conducting some research between into how we might improve what we offer to practitioners in the Psychotherapy & Counselling sector.

We're keen to talk with people about their work, the sort of information they need to support it, where they currently seek this information, and where they'd like improvements. Participants don't have to be a Registered Reader at the British Library, and we are interested in the views of practitioners who live anywhere in the UK.

We'd like to talk with no more than six individuals, and it would be a one-to-one Zoom interview, with Philip Eagle, our Subject Librarian on Psychotherapy & Counselling. We're happy to set up interview times to suit participants, and the interview shouldn't last more than 45 minutes. Of course, the British Library will respect the participant's personal anonymity, nor will we pass on any references to specific clients that might be made in the conversation.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact