I have worked in the field of learning disabilities for a number of years therapeutically. The clients with autism that I work with, sometimes wish to engage in wearing nappies for a sensory need but also wanting/wishing to follow Adult Baby Syndrome (ABS) or Adult Baby Diaper Loving (ABDL).

I would like to interview counsellors and psychotherapists who are accredited and who may have worked with this client group, for a maximum of 1 ½ hours. Interviews would be recorded via Skype at an agreed time. This would be using semi-structured interviews which will be transcribed. The research will be using mixed methods of Auto-Ethnographic and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

The aims of this research are to explore the reasons why some people with autism have ABS/ABDL, determine the most appropriate ways of supporting them therapeutically, try and gain some insight into why ABS/ABDL is a sensory need for some clients with autism. It is hoped that the research will generate more insight into ways of working therapeutically with clients who have learning disabilities (specifically autism) and who have a desire to follow ABS/ABDL.

Ethical Approval has been granted by University of Chester.

Contact: 1700023@chester.ac.uk

Please contact if you can help.

Thank you

Clare Le Roux.