I am a 6th year MSc student and trainee psychotherapist at Metanoia Institute in London and am recruiting research participants for my dissertation.

If you experience what is known as 'health anxiety', I would like to request your participation in my research project which aims to explore how people with this problem view themselves. This project has been approved by Metanoia Institute's Research Ethics Committee.

Can you answer 'yes' to at least four of these questions? During the past six months:

  • Have you been preoccupied with having a serious illness because of body symptoms, which has lasted at least six months?
  • Have you felt distressed due to this preoccupation?
  • Have you found that this preoccupation impacts negatively on all areas of life, including family life, social life and work?
  • Have you needed to carry out constant self-examination and self-diagnosis?
  • Have you experienced disbelief over a diagnosis from a doctor, or felt you are unconvinced by your doctor's reassurances that you are fine?
  • Do you constantly need reassurance from doctors, family and friends that you are fine, even if you don't really believe what you are being told?

Are you a White British woman over 18 who was assigned female at birth?

Do you feel able to take part in an interview about your view of yourself?

If you are interested in participating and would like further information about the research then please email me, without obligation, at david.blowers@metanoia.ac.uk.

I appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you