My interest is in determining how all-boys boarding school for those who attended from 8/9–16/18 years, affects emotions and development in childhood and if this is carried through to later life.

This research is part of an MA in Clinical Counselling that I am undertaking at the University of Chester. This research has been granted ethical approval by The Department of Social and Political Science Ethics Committee at The University of Chester.

If you are interested in taking part, your involvement would be answering semi-structured questions by online Zoom video call for approximately an hour. To take part you must have attended an all-boys British boarding school before 1989, from age 8/9 through to 16/18 years. To have explored and addressed problems in life that you believe originated from your boarding school experience, leaving you now feeling grounded in the subject. To currently be living in England and Wales, and to be sufficiently fluent in written and spoken English. No relationship with myself either directly or by a third party.

I kindly ask, due to confidentiality, that if this advert is shared via social media, please do not tag or link any potential participants names to this advert. 

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