The aim of this study is to explore the counsellors' experience of managing the 'disinhibition effect' and its impact on the therapeutic relationship with adult clients. This research is focused on the counsellors experience working remotely via webcam.

Are you eligible?

  • Are you a counsellor trained in online therapeutic work?
  • Are you experienced in working both in the room and online?
  • Do you have experience of working online with adult clients (18 and over) over webcam-based resources for a minimum of two years?

If yes, please contact for any further information or an enquiry to participate in this research.

I am not seeking experts on this topic; I find any and all experience, in line with the mentioned criteria, to be valuable in investigating the counsellor experience.

Participation and Location

Participation will involve a 60 minute one-time interview with the researcher. The interviews will take place on Microsoft Teams, a secure online platform, so no software is required for participation.

Participants will not be paid or compensated for taking part, however, knowledgeable contribution will be extremely appreciated.

Thank you