Are you a therapist who incorporates social justice into your practice?

Invitation for Participation: UK Therapists’ Stories of Social Justice in Counselling Practice

Purpose of the Study: Building on the understanding of what incorporating and considering social justice looks like for therapists in the UK. This study is interested in the experience of becoming a therapist who incorporates social justice in their practice, understanding personal and professional journeys and what it looks like, and exploring its current context.

Participation Overview: Take part in a one-hour interview, discussing your personal and professional journey of incorporating social justice into psychotherapy/counselling. With your consent, interviews will be audio and video recorded, and the researcher will take notes. All data gathered during this study will be held securely and anonymously.

Project Title: "Stories of Social Justice in Practice"

Aim of Study: Your story is crucial in enhancing our understanding of personal and professional journeys, illuminating the current landscape.


  • are you a practising therapist in the UK?
  • have you been a therapist for at least a year?
  • do you feel you incorporate social justice in your practice?
  • willingness to partake in a semi-structured interview detailing your journey to incorporating social justice.

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