Impostor syndrome/phenomenon has been studied in relation to many front line public facing caring professions including medicine and teaching, as well as the broader professional spheres of management, academia and librarianship. However research is very limited in terms of the personal experience of counsellors and supervisors in relation to this complex phenomenon.

The aim of this study is to determine whether the experiencing of Impostor Syndrome (Impostor Phenomenon) within the profession of Counselling and Psychotherapy, is related to time bound length of experience of the therapist and/or the level of self-perceived critical thinking ability.

Better understanding of how and if this phenomenon manifests in the counselling profession, alongside its linkages to self-assessed critical thinking skills, may have benefit in developing self-reflective, supervisory and teaching practices to support those counselling professionals experiencing its, not insignificant, effects.

To participate you must be:

  • Over 18
  • A qualified counsellors and/or psychotherapist
  • A member of a relevant and recognised professional body
  • Meet professional practice criteria including being fit to practice

This research is being undertaken as part of Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology at the University of Derby by Dominic Games.

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