Counsellors' experiences working with creative therapies in facilitating emotional expression with clients.

I am conducting some research for my postgraduate course in Counselling at the University of Northampton for my dissertation. My study focuses on counsellors' experiences with creative therapies and emotional expression. To explore these experiences I will be conducting interviews with counsellors on a 1-2-1 basis. Locations for interviews will be arranged to suit you and if you prefer interviews can be via telephone. All interviews will be confidential and interview data will be anonymous and secure. Through this research I hope to present the value of creative therapies, potentially enhancing clients' well-being and emotional expression.  Ethical approval has been granted for this study by the Ethics Committee at the University of Northampton.

If you are a creative counsellor (trainee or qualified and a member of a professional counselling body) and would be interested in taking part in my research please contact me with the email address provided below. Also please feel free to ask me any questions or for more details. 

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Emma Youngs