I am a trainee Person-Centred counsellor undertaking a research project for the MA in Clinical Counselling at the University of Chester, entitled Loss and Liminality: Illuminating the landscape of the Female Midlife Transition. A Qualitative Study of Counsellors’ Retrospective Reflections on Loss Pertaining to Midlife Change.

I am interested in female adult development and the potentially complex layers of loss and changing self-perceptions experienced by women in midlife.

Are you a practising or retired female counsellor who:

  • perceives herself to have passed through the midlife transition?
  • feels grounded in her experiences of loss, including non-death related loss pertaining to midlife change (namely, perceived losses pertaining to midlife change which are not related to the death of a significant person)?
  • is willing to reflect in depth upon these experiences and upon her changing self-perceptions pertaining to midlife change, in a one-to-one, audio-recorded interview, lasting approximately one hour?

I am willing to travel to you.

You will not be identifiable in the dissertation and all data will be securely stored and later destroyed in accordance with data protection laws.

If you are interested in participating in this study, or if you would like further information, please email Fiona Seed 1623227@chester.ac.uk.

Thank you.