Therapists’ experiences of losing psychological contact in the therapeutic relationship – a qualitative enquiry.

Research Objectives:

- To gain insight into what psychological contact means to practicing therapists’.

- To explore the effect a loss of psychological contact has on the therapeutic relationship, and whether psychological change can occur despite these moments of loss.

Participant Eligibility:

Are you a qualified counsellor, of one year or more, who has experienced moments of a loss of psychological contact when working with clients?

Would you be willing to share your experiences of this loss of psychological contact in a confidential and safe way with myself, to contribute to existing research that looks at the importance of Carl Rogers’ (1957) ‘necessary and sufficient conditions for psychological change?’

Participation involves:

An anonymous, hour long semi-structured interview online, via Microsoft Teams at a time convenient to you.

No commitment after initial contact.

This research forms as part of my dissertation for an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and is approved by The University of Salford’s ethics committee.

Many thanks,

Fran Lawson