Do you work with people who have epilepsy in a medical or care context?

Would you like to improve future treatment options for people with epilepsy?

If so, please consider taking part in my doctorate study.

My name is Gemma Mason, and I am completing a doctorate at the University of Exeter. I am interested in researching the perceptions health and care professionals hold about individuals with epilepsy (IWE) and their condition.

I am looking for research participants, to participate in a group interview with a maximum of six participants available for interview within the next few weeks. I will be conducting the research either using Zoom or face-to-face if the geographical location works.

You will be asked to participate in a group Zoom interview of between 60- 90 minutes and answer some prepared questions. The meeting will be recorded, and I will make notes throughout the interview.

For further information or to discuss this with me in person, please contact me on 07974134265 or email me at

With thanks

Gemma Mason