I am looking to interview three person centred counsellors with experience of working with musicians.

Given that musicians have higher rates of anxiety, depression and use higher rates of illicit and psychotropic medications than the rest of the working population, I am interested to know what comes up for counsellors when working with musicians; are there any specific themes? Are there issues of finance, engagement and accessibility, etc? This coupled with current social themes such as the gig economy and increasing suicide rates.

I hope to interview three participants all of whom would have worked with musicians in therapy and are from a person centred background. The research questionnaire is approximately thirteen questions so I hope we will achieve sufficient depth in the interviews.

I hope to conduct the semi structured interviews over Skype. I have a questionnaire of thirteen questions and the interviews should last no longer than 80 minutes. The data will be disposed of up on completion of the research assignment.

Ethical approval for this research has been obtained from the University of Warwick.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at G.McCranor@warwick.ac.uk

Best wishes
George McCranor