I invite you to take part in my study, which is about the experience of person-centred counsellors working during the COVID-19 pandemic who would not normally work virtually, but have found they have had to work in this new way.

It is important to remind you that taking part in this research is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time without having to say why you want to.

I want to hear your experience, told in your own words. This is extremely important to the study as it captures the information without influence from me or any other person.

How will the research be conducted?
There will be six participants included in this study: the six will be chosen randomly. If you are chosen you will be invited to take part in a semi-structured interview which will last approximately one hour. The interview will be recorded electronically via Microsoft Teams or Zoom (your choice). It will also be your choice to be seen (via the video link) or to be heard (with video turned off).

Firstly, there will be a ‘check-in’ then I will ask you to tell me of your experience. I have a set of questions but, will only ask them if you have not touched upon them. Finally, I will ask you if there is anything that you would like to expand on or clarify, then we can ‘check-out’.

What happens after that?
I will transcribe your interview and send you a copy (via e-mail) in order that you can remove things that you would rather were not there and ensure that I have captured your experience in a truthful way.

When completed what will happen?
When the study is complete, I will send you a copy of the results and invite you to comment on them.
At no time during this study will your identity be disclosed. All the information that you share with me is for the purpose of this study alone. Please refer to the Participant Information Sheet attached for further information. Details of how to contact me are there and I would be very happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Thank you for your help with this research, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you