“An exploration of a therapist's experience of being authentic: a qualitative study”

My name is Gina Alpe, I am an undergraduate student at Guilford College undergoing my 3rd year of my BSc in Counselling validated by Middlesex University. I am an associate counsellor at Options Wellbeing Trust, and I also run my private practice.

Purpose of the study: This study aims to comprehend the therapists' understanding of being authentic, and its relevance to their practice and to explore their ´lived internal experience´ of being authentic.

Participant criteria: I would like to interview qualified counsellors and psychotherapists at a Diploma or Degree level, therefore a minimum of 100 client hours is required. Therapists must be members of a recognized body (BACP, UKCP, NCS, etc.) and be attending regular supervision.

Overview: Counsellors will be interviewed online for up to 60 minutes over Zoom. The interview will be audio recorded and transcribed. Confidentiality and anonymity guidelines will be ensured following the law and regulation of the Data Protection Act 2018 and BACP research guidelines. Participation in this study is voluntary and withdrawal is possible at any reasonable time after the interview, up until the findings are published.  Results will be published in the form of a poster and anonymized findings will be sent on request.

Contribution to the profession: I hope this study will help therapists gain self-awareness on their personal meaning and internal experience of ´being authentic´ which could shed light on the role of authenticity in therapy and contribute a valuable debate to the profession. By participating you will have the opportunity to reflect on what being authentic is for you, what is your lived experience and the role it plays in your clinical practice.

If you are interested, have further questions, or would like more information, please contact me.

Email: 21004037@ActivateLearning.ac.uk