The title of my research is ‘ Exploring the therapist’s experience of working with clients in receipt of a BPD diagnosis’. The primary aim of the study is to investigate the meaning and helpfulness of the psychiatric diagnosis. The study will aim to explore the relationship between diagnosis in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Using BPD as an example the research will look at the experience of therapists who have worked with clients who carry the diagnosis.

Would you like to participate in this research?
I am looking for participants who have 2 years minimum post-qualification experience after a therapy training to diploma level, who have experience of working with clients who have a BPD diagnosis.

I’m a finalist at the Minster Centre. I am undertaking this research for a dissertation in fulfilment of a Masters Degree in Integrative psychotherapy (through the Minster Centre / University of Middlesex). The project has been approved by the Minster Centre and will be conducted in accordance with the BACP’s ethical guidelines for research.

Participation in the project would involve giving up to 1.5 hours of your time to talk with me in confidence about your experiences at a suitable time and location / online and will contribute to the field of psychotherapy research.

My contact details are: 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hannah Joll