Pre-trial therapy appears to be a much under researched type of counselling, there are very few research papers and limited resources outside of the Crown Prosecution Service and BACP guidelines.

Few counselling books refer to pre-trial therapy and a very limited number of institutions teach this as part of their practitioner training. My research centres around the experiences of student counsellors who provide this unique type of therapy whilst still in training.

The purpose of the research is to understand the needs of trainee practitioners who undertake this type of work - What additional support, if any, may they need? Did providing this type of therapy as a trainee offer a useful learning experience that the student can take into practice as a qualified counsellor? Should pre-trial form part of core counsellor training?

The research will take place via interview via Zoom, this will last for up to an hour and will be recorded. This will be then transcribed and you will be offered a copy prior to analysis of the data. Following transcription your recorded interview will be destroyed.

Participants can be of any age and gender, the only stipulation is that you provided pre-trial therapy as a trainee counsellor.

If you would like to take part or request more information, please contact me, Hilary Cartmel-Batty, on

Thank you
Hilary Cartmel-Batty