Participants needed for research in the empathic responses of humanistic and integrative counsellors and counselling trainees towards clients with an eating disorder.

I am a masters student conducting a qualitative research study investigating an understanding on a counsellors or counsellor in training empathic responses to working with clients with an eating disorder. I am looking for counsellors or counsellors in training with more than 350 hours of placement hours who would be willing to share their experiences being a counsellor working with eating disorders.

Would you like to participate in this research?

The criteria I am looking for to take part in this study:

  • Participants must be a trained counsellor or a trainee counsellor
  • Must have more than 350 clinical placement hours
  • Have worked with children and young people
  • Have worked with clients who are suffering from eating disorders.

This study will be adding knowledge and understanding to increase awareness of these issues with particular reference to humanistic and integrative counsellors, and to contribute to the knowledge in this area. I wish to explore the counsellor’s experience of the impact of attuning and responding empathically to clients with eating disorders in order to explore further the relational approach. Your participation would be greatly appreciated, and it will help to contribute to a much-needed counselling research on an important topic.

Interviews will be conducted and recorded via Microsoft Teams and will last approximately half an hour. These will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. All information will be anonymised and confidential.

This study will comply with the care and confidentiality requirements of the BACP and the Birmingham City Univeristy’s standards of ethics research. This study has been approved by the Business, Law and Social Sciences Ethics committee (BLSS).

If you are interested in taking part in this research, I can send you a participant information sheet with more information regarding the study and what to expect from participating.

Please contact me by email at:

Thank you for taking your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Isabel Oram

Masters student, Birmingham City University