Although there has been a lot of research on the reasons why people engage in infidelity and the impact this has on the person whose partner has engaged in infidelity, there is little research to show how infidelity effects the person who engages in it. This MA dissertation therefore aims to allow these voices to be heard to enrich our understanding of the emotional and psychological impact of engaging in infidelity.

I am inviting participants to explore their experience of engaging in infidelity during a committed monogamous relationship. This will involve a 60-minute interview conducted via zoom. Interview questions will focus on the initial impact felt when the infidelity was revealed and any long-term emotional and psychological impact engaging in infidelity has had on the individual’s sense of self and relationships with others.

Participants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a heterosexual male aged 18+ who engaged in infidelity with an opposite sex partner;
  • Have engaged in sexual and emotional infidelity as part of a committed, monogamous relationship;
  • The infidelity should have ended at least 3 years ago;
  • Hold English language skills that enable you to engage with research conducted in English and reside in England or Wales;
  • Be in a place where you feel you are able to reflect on your experiences.

If you would like to participate or would like further information, please contact me at

Ethical approval for this research has been granted by the Department of Social and Political Science Ethics Committee and the University of Chester.

Many thanks,

Jennie Kirk
Postgraduate Student
University of Chester