An exploration of loneliness in private practice, a therapist’s perspective

I am looking for participants who are working predominately in private practice (at least 75% of the time) and have been working this way for at least 2 years.  To fulfil the criteria you would need the following:

•   To be a qualified therapist (counsellor/psychotherapist) recognised by the BACP or UKCP in any modality and your client work can be any combination of face to face or online.  

•   Receive regular supervision as per BACP guidelines.

•   Preferably have personal therapy or some means of personal psychological support in place in order to de-brief.

As part of this study, you will be taking part in an interview with myself online via Zoom for approximately 60 minutes.  This interview will be arranged at a mutually convenient time with ideally time allowed post interview for a chance to self-reflect.  As the subject matter of this study is potentially triggering, I would ask that you ensure you have in place support should you need to talk to someone post the interview.

This research will be developed using a grounded theory approach and I will be asking a number of questions and exploring individual’s experience of loneliness in relation to their work as a therapist in private practice. My aim is to understand if loneliness is an experience shared by therapists in private practice and whether this is something that is openly discussed or acknowledged and whether there are any meanings to be understood from such inquiry.  

The objective is to gain some insight into this poorly researched area and explore if the findings highlight areas otherwise overlooked, around the care of the caring professionals in lone working and what might be lacking or needed to support private practice therapists in the challenging and emotionally charged job they do.

I will be working within the guidelines of the BACP Ethical Framework and ensuring confidentiality, data protection, autonomy and professional integrity are maintained throughout the whole process.  All research participants details will be anonymised and identify protected. 

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me by email and I will provide you with further details.