Volunteers needed for an interview about women’s experience of the social and cultural idea of ‘virginity’

I am looking for women above the age of 21 who under the below definition are considered ‘virgins’ and are sexually abstinent. I am aiming to understand the lived experience of these women and how social and cultural influence has shaped their view of themselves and their view of their sexual status. This research study will contribute towards a MA degree in Clinical Counselling.

Definition of Virginity-

‘Virginity’ – the state of an individual who has never engaged in sexual intercourse (See below definition).
‘Sexual intercourse’ – a sexual activity involving the insertion of the penis into the vagina

Research aims-

  • To explore social and cultural definitions of virginity and understand the impact they have
  • To understand the experience of virginity in adulthood for women
  • To understand the impact being a virgin into adulthood has on women’s sense of self and their understanding of their sexual status
  • To inform practitioners on issues surrounding adult virginity so they can use this information going forward

You would be invited to a confidential Zoom interview lasting approximately 1 hour. Before the interview begins you will be given and asked to read through the questions you will be asked. This will allow time for reflection on your own experience before the interview begins. All data collected during the interview will be anonymised to protect confidentiality and privacy.

You will be eligible for this study if you-

  • Heterosexual women
  • Women from birth
  • 21+
  • Must be living in the UK
  • Must be able to fluently speak English
  • Must be considered a ‘virgin’ by the definition of never having had sexual intercourse
  • Must not be a part of any religious order that demands sexual abstinence
  • Must feel safe enough to participate

If you are interested and would like more information please contact 1320874@chester.ac.uk. This study will be conducted to University of Chester Ethics Committee Standards.

Research advert valid until: End of June 2022

Thank you