I am conducting a qualitative research study for my dissertation, looking specifically for counsellors who have worked with a client who has aphasia. My intention is to explore these counsellors' experiences of working with aphasic clients.

If you have experienced working with a client who has aphasia I ask if you would kindly take the time to participate within an online survey which should take no longer than five minutes of your time.

Research in this field is limited and therefore the data I aim to collect within this study will be used to help identify any helpful and hindering interventions when working with this client group, to inform my future client work.

I have a particular interest in working with this client group and your participation within this study could help identify more effective ways of working with aphasic clients.

If you would like to participate within this study I can forward documents to you which give full details of the study along with a consent form to participate within the research. If you could email me your signed consent form, I can forward the link to take you directly onto the survey. 

In addition to completing this survey, there is opportunity  to conduct interviews in person if you would like to share your experience at greater depth. Please contact me to arrange this.

I would appreciate your support in this research immensely, and thank you in advance for your time.

Please do not hesitate me if you have any questions regarding this study.

Joanne Henry