Hi, my name is Jody Lee and I’m searching for research participants for my level 6 dissertation.

The current title is:

'How Does Intuition Affect Therapeutic Intervention?'

I will be using a qualitative approach to try and understand the use of intuition within the therapeutic relationship and how it may influence the use of, or not of, therapeutic interventions.

The aim of this study is to gain insight into the experience and use of intuition in the counselling room and to encourage discussion about its use, particularly in the use of interventions and the effect of this on the therapeutic relationship.

I aim to recruit 6 practising therapists, each with at least 5 years of experience.

Expectations are,

·         A brief introduction prior to start.

·         At least 5 notes to be taken post session with existing clients of your choice.

·         A 45min interview to discuss and reflect on the notes.

All data collection and storage will be held anonymously and be in line with GDPR.

As a member of the BACP the ethical guidelines for this study will be underpinned by Dr Barbara Mitchels ‘Ethical Guidelines for Research in the Counselling Professions’ (BACP, 2019).

All interactions with researcher can take place via an agreed medium to suit the individual participants needs.

Please contact me on either email address below stating your interest, when you are available for contact, and how you would prefer me to contact you.

Thank you for your time.

Jody Lee.

jody.learn80@gmail.com or