This project aims to contribute to a small but growing body of research on family estrangement. It focuses on men's experience, which tends to be somewhat under-represented in the research. Specifically, it sets out to explore how adult sons make sense of losing or cutting contact with their father.

You are invited to take part if:
• you are over 18
• you identify as male
• you have cut or lost contact with your father, after being in regular contact with him when you were a child / teenager.
Taking part involves talking about your experience of being estranged from your father in an online interview. The interview will last 60-75 minutes. You can withdraw from the project at any time.

About the researcher
I am a qualified counsellor, doing this research for a professional doctorate in psychotherapy and counselling at the University of Edinburgh.

Ethical approval
The project has been granted ethical approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Department of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Science (School of Health in Social Science) at the University of Edinburgh.

For more information
If you might be interested in taking part, please get in touch at I'll be happy to send you an information sheet with more details, and to answer any questions.

Thank you