Now you see me: Improving the process of informed consent in the psychotherapy and counselling professions.

Are you an integrative, relational psychotherapist/counsellor? Consider participating in this study.

I am a Masters Student in the Department of Psychotherapy and Counselling, which is based in the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds. This study is about finding out how the informed consent process is used by integrative, relational psychotherapists/counsellors in the UK.

I am looking for up to 8 Psychotherapists/counsellors who describe their practice as integrative and relational. Participation will be on a first come, first served basis.  This  research was granted ethical approval by the Faculty of Medicine and Health University Ethics board at the University of Leeds on Wednesday, 9th May 2018.

What’s involved? The study involves an interview with the researcher who will ask you a series of questions/prompts. The interview will take approximately 45-90 minutes to complete. The interview can take place in a venue of your choice. The interview will be audio-recorded and transcribed. Results of the study will be published in the form of a dissertation, a research poster and in an academic paper.

To ask questions contact Karen Bateson at  

Thank you