My name is Katherine Wightman, I am a final year MSc Counselling student who is currently studying at Bangor University in North Wales.


For my dissertation, I aim to investigate the effects of compassion satisfaction, secondary traumatic stress, burnout and the utilisation of coping strategies within the profession of counselling in general compared to those who specifically manage or have a high case load of traumatised populations. 

The purpose for this is to derive from the results the need for supervision, different coping strategies and self-care techniques and training for existing as well as trainee counsellors in practise. The improvement of the professional self as an outcome of utilising coping strategies can potentially reduce the risk of secondary trauma and burnout. The evaluation of counsellors’ experiences whilst working with trauma induced clients is relatively new amongst the research literature, especially when the primary focus is aimed towards detrimental effects of secondary traumatic stress and the practicality of incorporating coping strategies. Whilst the literature provides a large body of evidence that stress can produce negative impacts on a counsellor’s psychological well being there is little evidence that compares the two groups.

If you wish to take part you will be asked to complete two questionnaires and a demographics form which are available on Online surveys. A participant information sheet is available for participants to read before deciding their involvement in the study. This study is perceived to be of low risk to the participants and has gained ethical approval from the ethics committee at Bangor University.

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