Have you worked in the public sector, as a first responder to trauma?
Have you wanted to speak about these experiences in personal therapy but been unable to do so?
Do you identify as an Integrative Psychotherapist?

My name is Katie Newton. I am a 4th year post graduate student, studying for an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy at SPTI. I am undertaking research into the experience of first responder's to trauma who have been unable to speak about this during their personal therapy.

I would like to identify and interview participants who have a professional history of working within the public sector as first responder's to trauma incidents, i.e. police officers, paramedics, fire officers, A&E staff and who have subsequently wanted to speak about this witnessed trauma in personal therapy, but have been unable to do so, for whatever reason.

My participants will also need to be either a trainee or qualified psychotherapists who identify as integrative, with a minimum of two years in personal therapy.

Please contact me at katienewton120@gmail.com 
I am based in the East Midlands but am willing to travel to interview appropriate participants.

Thank you