I’m conducting this research project as part of my MA at the University of Cumbria, exploring person-centred practitioner perspectives of using pre-therapy or contact work.

My focus is on practitioner reflections of their lived experience of using pre-therapy or contact work, in as much detail as possible. To do this I will be conducting semi-structured in-depth interviews (of approximately one hour) with each participant, either face to face if geography and time allow, or by phone. This study has ethical approval from the University of Cumbria.

If you are a qualified person-centred practitioner (psychotherapist, counsellor, psychologist or working in a person-centred way in the context of another job, such as support worker) and have used pre-therapy or contact work with a client or clients, and you are interested in participating, please contact me for further details.

The purpose of this study

Pre-therapy and contact work are now being used with a variety of client groups. The current body of literature suggests that using pre-therapy and contact work can elicit strong emotions, both positive and negative, from practitioners, and indicates that it can be both rewarding and challenging. The current literature either focuses on practitioners working with a specific client group or only addresses practitioner experiences as a secondary focus. This study aims to look at this aspect of practitioner experience in more detail, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the potential challenges and rewards for practitioners of pre-therapy and contact work.

What participation will involve

Interviews will be semi-structured and will last approximately one hour. They are likely to take place between March and April 2018. I do not have a set list of questions that must be covered. However, there are certain areas that I would like to focus on and I may give prompts as the conversation unfolds. I would like to record our interview and will give you an opportunity to check the completed transcript for accuracy, and to retract anything you may not wish to be used in the research. For more information, including what areas the interview is likely to cover, please email me and I can send you my participant information sheet.

If you know of someone you think might be interested in participating, please do forward this information on to them.

Thank you
Keir Ashcroft