Research title: How Do Child and Young People’s Counsellors Maintain Their Well-Being?

My name is Laura Fry. I am a trainee children and young people’s counsellor and completing a MSC at the University of Northampton.

I am completing a research project to explore CYP counsellors’ experiences of maintaining their own emotional well-being. I am looking to understand counsellors' experiences of looking after their emotional well-being whilst working as a CYP counsellor and gain insight into their attitudes and practice of self-care. This is an area of research that is not fully explored and is a requirement of the BACP, for counsellors to maintain their well-being, both for the health of the counsellor and the clients that they work with.

Participants requirements.

Participants must be registered with a professional counselling body.

Have been working in practice for more than two years with children and young people.

Participants must be engaging in regular supervision.

As sensitive topics may arise during the interview, there is a small risk of emotional distress. Therefore, you are advised to consider your own emotional well-being.

Anyone currently experiencing significant emotional distress is requested not to participate in this research.

What it will involve.

Participants will be invited to take part in individual online interviews that will last between 45-60 minutes. The interviews will take place online using Collaborate.

Interviews will be audio recorded, transcribed, and anonymised.

There is no payment or direct reward for taking part in this research to participants. However, it is of benefit to participants as it can be used as a reflective process on their practice.

This study has ethical approval from the University of Northampton.

For more information about this study, please contact Laura Fry by email at