I am a post-graduate student completing qualitative phenomenological research to gain an MA in Counselling at Waverley Abbey College (degrees awarded by Middlesex University).

Please note that this research has been approved by the Waverley Abbey College Ethics Committee. 

Research Question: ‘What are the experiences of counsellors working with women in executive leadership positions?’

The aims of the research are:

1. Explore counsellors’ personal experiences in counselling results-oriented women in executive leadership positions.

2. Through the lived experience of counsellors, gain valuable insights to inform best practices for supporting executive women’s mental health in the workplace



My research will explore the experience of counsellors working with women already in or aspiring to reach executive leadership positions in the corporate sector. The perspective I would like to focus on is what is it like for counsellors to support these executive women’s mental health as they navigate the glass ceiling, metaphor for an invisible barrier that blocks women from reaching top positions (O’Leary & Ickovics, 1992) and how working with these individuals impacts the therapeutic relationship.

What is the expectation of the study?

At present, there is vast research about the challenges faced by women in corporate settings and the potential impact on their mental well-being. However, there is a noticeable research gap concerning the counsellor's perspective in supporting these powerful women.
Who can participate?

Counselors who currently work or have prior experience counseling female executives who work in corporate settings are welcome to participate. Eligibility is not restricted by gender, faith, ethnicity, or counselling modality.

Participation entails:

Receiving an invitation to engage in a confidential 45-60 minutes, semi-structured interview with the researcher at a time and date convenient for the participant.
The interview will be conducted via Zoom or Teams, according to the participant's preference.
This master’s study aims to explore the unique insights and perspectives of counsellors who work or have worked with female executives, helping to improve understanding and inform counselling practice.
Anonymity will be rigorously protected throughout the entire process.

For enquiries/to register your interest, please contact:

Lilia Diaz, MA researcher on liliadiaz@waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk

Please see the recruitment poster for more information.

I would love to hear from you!

Many thanks in advance,