Are you interested in how we understand and work with Diversity in the counselling profession?

Could you share your experiences of what it's been like for you to learn about diversity and carry that through to your practice?

If so, I’d love to hear from you!

Hi, my name is Lucy Bartley and I am currently in my final research year of a Masters programme in Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy at Waverley Abbey College.  My research aims to explore…

‘What are Counsellors’ experiences of applying diversity learning in practice?’

You do not need to have received formal diversity training to take part.  Learning can have taken place in any of the forms that are considered CPD, for example, reading books, research or journal articles, online learning, videos or programmes, workshops, courses (qualifying and other).

You can be a counsellor in training or a qualified counsellor.

If you’d like to help explore this question with me then here’s what would happen.

You would be invited to take part in a confidential interview which would take up to 60 minutes.  Interviews will take place in Jan/Feb 2024 via Teams, Zoom or face to face depending on distance from Birmingham.  The interviews will be recorded initially, then transcribed and anonymised.

Contact details

If you would like further information, please contact me on

I look forward to meeting you!