I am looking to recruit two person-centred qualified counsellors (no more than post qualified of five years) to participate in my research study exploring how their counsellor training had an impact on their intimate relationships.

To fit the study criteria participants must also have been in an intimate relationship at the commencement of their counsellor training.

After experiencing counsellor training myself and then understanding the demands of the training course which involved personal therapy, self-awareness, personal development, and the core concepts of Person-centred theory such as congruence and empathy I was aware of changes in my own relationship as well as those of my peers. It was something that was raised many times by others, and regularly discussed. I am intrigued to research whether this was the same or different for others that have also undertaken counsellor training, perhaps from different training establishments.

What is involved?
I am conducting a qualitative study as I believe that by using a phenomenological approach will help me to collate and put meaning to others’ shared experiences. I intend to conduct two 45-minute Zoom semi-structured interviews which I will then transcribe and analyse using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to understand any emerging concepts. I really want to hear what it was like for other trainees and their experiences using their words, their language and how it was for them. Your data will be anonymous. This opportunity is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time.

I feel that it is an important, relevant study and that your time and contribution will be greatly valued and appreciated to further our understanding of this topic.

If you would like to participate, or know more, then please contact me on my university email address: maf161@student.aru.ac.uk

I will email you a Participant Information Sheet and a Consent form before the interview takes place at a date and time suitable for you.

Ethical approval for this research has been granted from Anglia Ruskin University Ethics Committee.

Thank you for your time,

Marina Farmer