This research project aims to examine the experience of trainee psychotherapists and counsellors. The focus is on the therapeutic relationship, and how the trainee therapist deals with problems in the relationship.

The process of repairing ruptures (breaks or difficulties in therapy that do not result in the client leaving therapy), has shown to be a valuable part of the therapeutic process. However most research has focused on the experience of qualified therapists. This study will examine the experience of trainees. It will explore their experience in depth and aims to discover the impact of ‘rupture and repair’ on the trainee’s experience and understanding of the psychotherapy process.

In addition, the research aims to identify specific issues relevant to trainees and gain a wider understanding of their experiences when they start out on the path of becoming fully qualified therapists and counsellors.
This is an IPA study, and is seeking to find trainee therapists, who can participate in a one-to-one interview that will be for 1 hour (60 minutes). Due to the Covid-19 situation, the interviews will take place online, on Skype or similar platform and will be recorded. I am seeking participants who have had some experience of ‘rupture and repair’, or in other words who have had breaks or difficulties in the therapeutic relationship with clients, and have been able to continue the therapy with the client. As the study is interested in how ‘repairs’ are managed, the study will not be looking directly at situations where the clients did not return to therapy – in other words the termination of the therapy.

The trainees can be at any stage of their training. They can be student members of BACP and have completed some hours of therapy in supervised practice.

The study will fully meet the care and confidentiality requirements of BACP and University of Derby standards of ethical research. For more details please contact the email below.

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