My research is aiming to explore what impact developing self-awareness has on counsellors that are in training. Influenced from my own experiences whilst on my training course, I want to be able to explore and interpret meaning from the experience you have had.

Your participation will be in the form of a 60 minute interview, which remains flexible. I will be conducting the interviews in person and also via Skype. Taking part in this research may help you clarify and understand some of the emotions you have had towards the subject of self-awareness and gives you the opportunity to think about how this is affecting your client work and subsequently your identity as a practitioner.

I am seeking counsellors in training (must be in at least 2nd year), or counsellors who have finished training within the past year.

This research study has been submitted to and approved by Greenwich University’s Research Ethics Panel.

If you are interested in taking part in the study or would like to find out more information please contact me, Melissa Kasilian at

Thank you!