Are you a BACP registered therapist, based in / around Leeds or West / South Yorkshire who has experience working with cross-dressing clients?

My MA Psychotherapy research dissertation entitled: Therapeutic Work with Cross-Dressing Clients is intended to use therapists’ experiential insights in order to gain an understanding of cross-dressing clients’ lived experiences when they seek therapy?
Whilst there is much anecdotal discussion of cross-dressing and its perceived prevalence, it also largely understood to be ‘hidden’ and hence evidence based research to support this unique client group is limited. The objectives of this research are to
- Provide researched evidence of the lived experiences of this hidden and marginalised client group.
- Provide the wider professional community with researched information on therapists’ experiences of working with this client group.
- Provide a researched basis to support professionals make an informed decision when choosing to work with the client group

If you feel you can help and wish to participate, you will be asked to undertake an interview lasting between 45 minutes to one hour at your place of work / practice. Interviews will be recorded and evaluated using Thematic Analysis in the framework of Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. Your details and data will be anonymous and managed in accordance with GDPR and Leeds Beckett University Ethical Standards.

Leeds Beckett University Ethics Board has approved this research project.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please email me at:

Thank you