Have you ever stopped and wondered about the hidden wounds of racism to your psyche? Not just the wounds that result from direct and conscious experiences of racism but those resulting merely from being born and bred in a racialised society.

Have you ever reflected on your own experience of being born and bred in a racialised system, how it’s shaped your sense of self and your therapeutic practice? If you have and are grappling with this issue, I am curious to hear your story, please read on.

I am looking for black counsellors (qualified or final year trainees) to take part in my research study exploring the phenomenon of internalised racism (internalised racial oppression), for my MSc Therapeutic Counselling dissertation at the University of Greenwich.

The inclusion criteria for this study is:
• You are a black or identify as black (qualified or final year trainee) counsellor who works with adults over 18.
• You are aware of, and have worked with, issues around race, racism and internalised racism in your counselling practice
• You are aware of your own internalised racism and its impact both on your own identity and in your practice

Should you be interested to take part in this study or if you need more information or have any questions, do contact me. My full details are below.

Researcher’s name and contact details:
Nwabisa Ewing
Email: ne8548d@gre.ac.uk