I am conducting research into how therapists recognise when women clients are the victims of subtle abuse in intimate, heterosexual relationships.

The research is in two parts:

  1. Interviews with therapists who have worked with women who have been in subtly abusive relationships;
  2. Interviews with women who have been in these relationships.

The research focuses on this experience in women who have a high educational achievement and are in a high socio-economic group.

Women who experience subtle abuse may present in therapy not knowing they are or were in an abusive relationship. I would like to explore how therapists recognise women are in abusive relationships, when the women themselves are unaware.

This study has been granted ethical approval by the University of East Anglia Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. For further information please contact Rosemary Parkinson on rosemary.parkinson@uea.ac.uk.

Many thanks

Rosemary Parkinson
BACP Senior Accred., CAT Therapist and Supervisor
UEA Professional Doctorate Candidate