I am a third-year student on the MSc Therapeutic Counselling course at the University of Greenwich and I am undertaking some research to gain counsellors’ perspective of the therapeutic work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in terms of the therapeutic relationship, boundary issues, disclosure of abuse and matters relating to counsellors’ self-care and specialist knowledge.

I am interested in talking to qualified (but not necessarily accredited) counsellors who work with adults (18+) and have completed work with at least one client who was sexually abused in childhood.
To participate you would need to be willing to take part in an interview which would last up to 90 minutes. The interview would happen at a time and place convenient for you. With your consent the interview will be recorded and transcribed for later qualitative analysis.

All information about your participation in the study will be anonymised and your identity will be kept private. This research project has been given ethical approval by the University of Greenwich Psychology and Counselling Departmental Research Ethics Panel and adheres to the BACP guidelines for ethical research.

For more information please email me on sq5533n@greenwich.ac.uk

Thank you