Providing talking therapy in outdoor spaces has been emerging in the UK over the last decade, though research is still fairly limited. I hope this study will contribute further insights that may help inform other counsellors/psychotherapists who may consider integrating this way of working into their practise.

This research will be submitted as part of my MA in Counselling course at Waverley Abbey College.

I will be using semi-structured interviews, lasting up to one-hour, to explore your experience and perceptions rather than trying to prove any theory or hypothesis. In keeping with current COVID-19 restrictions the interview will take place using online video call. I will review the interview transcripts to identify underlying themes within each interview and across participants. In no way will I be making an assessment of your work. You will not be asked to disclose personal information about the content of the therapy sessions or provide any details that might identity you or your clients.

If you are willing to share your experience, please contact me via email

Expressions of interest will not obligate you to take part. Further information and a consent form will be sent to you before we proceed further.

Thank you for taking time to consider being involved.

Best regards
Sarah Cowley