I am currently undertaking an MSc Counselling at the University of Northampton for which I must conduct and write up a research dissertation. I am looking for qualified counsellors who identify with being a ‘wounded healer’ to participate in a 45-60 minute one-to-one interview.

Research aim: Whilst challenges and hardships are an inevitable part of life, the impact they have differs enormously from individual to individual. A ‘wounded healer’ conceptualises an individual who, having faced their own difficulties, begins to help others to heal from similar circumstances. Little academic attention has been given to understanding the individual lived experience of becoming and being a counsellor for those identifying as a wounded healer, so my hope is that this project will contribute a meaningful understanding of this.

This research poses the question:
“What is the experience of counsellors who identify as wounded healers?”
In participating in this study, you are contributing your invaluable insight and experiences to further understanding counselling practice and why we do what we do. The interview also offers an opportunity for you to reflect and share which I hope would be of benefit to you personally and professionally.

Participant criteria:

  • Must be a qualified, registered (e.g. with BACP) counsellor;
  • Currently practising as a counsellor, or stopped practising within the last year due to retirement or career change (i.e. not for personal reasons);
  • Identify with the notion of ‘wounded healer’ (although you may conceptualise or label it differently);
  • Although you may still be affected by your ‘wound’ it must be sufficient time ago (i.e. not currently experiencing the ‘wound’ and not within the last year) and have begun to be processed prior to this study (e.g. through your own therapy);
  • Be within the UK and able to communicate via Skype if necessary.

Ethics: This project adheres to the BPS Code of Ethics and BACP Ethical Guidelines and has also been approved by The University of Northampton Ethics Committee.

Contact: If you are interested in participating or simply want to find out more, please send an email to sarah.haggie14@my.northampton.ac.uk

Thank you!