I will be conducting recorded, fairly structured interviews on Microsoft Teams and am looking for six participants, interested in discussing the impact they feel gender has in the counselling room.

Gender is one of the most instantly recognisable traits when we meet people and I want to know how important it is in therapy and whether therapists feel that clients should get choice over therapist gender.
I would like to hear therapists' experiences of working with male and female clients and whether there are preferences and what they may be based upon.

I intend to discuss past research showing that 'feminine' women tend to receive lower expert ratings from clients and that therapists of both genders interrupt female clients three times more than male clients.
I would like to discuss stereotypes and biases and attraction in the therapy room.
I would like to know how significant therapists feel their gender is within a therapeutic relationship and whether they feel they have always been treated fairly by clients.

I hope to hear therapists voices in my research and am fascinated to hear people's experiences and opinions.
As a student at the university of Warwick, I have received ethical approval to go ahead with recruiting participants.

Please get in touch with me by email on S.Trent@warwick.ac.uk

Thank you