If you were practising counselling in the UK during the summer of 2020 whilst the anti-racism protests were taking place, you are invited to share information on any challenges this gave rise to in relation to your work, your work environment and/or your ability to carry out your work.

Participation is open to both practitioners in training as well as qualified clinicians of any racial identity, as long as you were registered with a counselling and/or psychotherapy professional body in the UK at the time. I am interested in understanding any personal impact on you, your work and/or your work relationships and to hear about the resources that you think helped you to deal with any difficulties that arose.

  • Were you working as a counsellor/psychotherapist in the of Spring/Summer 2020 around the time of the death of George Floyd and the global anti the anti-racism protests?
  • Was there impact to you, your clients or client work?
  • How did you manage any challenges this period presented? What skills and resources, if any, were you able to draw on?
  • Could you spare 10-15 minutes to tell us a little about your experience?

Even if you did not experience any particular issue you may still want to take part by telling us about the resources that you feel could help deal with race related challenges in the profession. In this case there will be fewer questions to answer, but the survey will still capture your response.

Your response will contribute to a better understanding of the types of race-related challenges that arise in psychotherapeutic work and help identify improvements to the professional support framework available to the industry.

Please access the survey by following this link in your browser.

For queries email Sharon Frazer-Carroll: sf507@exeter.ac.uk
or message on Twitter @timetotalkblack

Thank you for taking the time to read this invitation. I do hope you will be able to contribute. Information will be treated confidentially and completion of the questionnaire is anonymous. There is option to receive a copy of the report at the end of the project, however anonymity will be maintained throughout.