If you are a counsellor or psychotherapist working with survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse and you worked through the COVID-19 pandemic in England, we are interested in hearing from you.

You can participate if:

  • You are a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist
  • You are registered with BACP, UKCP or NCS
  • You work with adult survivors of sexual trauma
  • You worked in England during the COVID-19 pandemic

Participation involves one remote interview session lasting approximately one hour'

Potential benefits:

  • By sharing your experiences with us, you will be helping the researcher and Coventry University to better understand the trauma counsellors and psychotherapists’ experiences of offering trauma therapy during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • By participation in the study, you are contributing to building a body of knowledge and understanding for the experiences of this group of mental health practitioners.

For more information please contact the researcher Shervin Anari: anaris@coventry.ac.uk
This project has been reviewed by the Coventry University Ethics Committee and supervised by Rokas Sungaila: ac6505@coventry.ac.uk

Thank you