I am interested in how online dating and dating apps impact on men's mental well-being. I would like to explore men's personal experiences of online dating and gain an insight into any feelings, thoughts, challenges you may have experienced when looking for a romantic partner.

I am a trainee person-centred counsellor at the University of Chester, conducting a research study for my dissertation for the MA in Clinical Counselling.

"Mental health in men continues to be a taboo subject, with many men suffering when they experience feelings of sadness, loneliness or anxiety" (Safeline.org.uk, 2017). It is well known that mental health problems affect all females and males, for a variety of reasons. Yet, the number of therapy referrals being men is much lower in comparison to women, with men choosing to suffer in silence (Safeline.org.uk, 2017).

It is reported that online dating may be one of the many causes for the users of these services to experience changes in their mental health for worse (NYpost.com, 2016). Considering that online dating industry is booming in the UK right now, accounting for billions of pounds each year, there seems to have been a very little research done into what impact it has on its users' psychological and emotional health.

If you used or are a current user of online dating services/apps and experienced changes in your mental health as a result of using these, I would be delighted to speak to you. The interview would be conducted via Skype and take up to 60 minutes.

You must be:

  • a heterosexual male in your 30's (30-39 years old)
  • looking or were looking for a romantic partner through online dating/apps
  • must have used online dating services/apps, on and off or continuously for a minimum of 3 month, in the last 3 years 
  • must possess a good command of English language to express your experiences if English is not your first language
  • No present drug/sex/alcohol abuse/addiction (must be clear for a minimum of 1 year) 
  • Not experiencing current mental health difficulties

If you fall within these criteria and are interested in taking part, please get in touch for more details via my email 1622376@chester.ac.uk

Thank you

Soňa Teplanova.